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Every company at some point will purchase a domain name. At Divine Web Design we offer a domain name management service which includes purchasing domain names, taking care of your renewals, domain transfers, transferring legal ownership of domain names and domain reselling solutions including auctioning. Divine Web Design purchase domain names from the root source of domain purchasing cutting out the middle man and keeping prices as low as possible.

Desired domain names are not always available. When you find yourself in this situation you have a couple of options, the first option is to approach the owner of the domain name you require and find out if they are open for negotiations. You will no doubt have to pay over the odds for your domain name but if your internet marketing strategy was to be compromised without your domain name then that would prove more costly. premium domain names are also a great investment and chances are if you were ever to resell the domain name it will have increased in value over time making you a tidy profit.

Option 2 will be to settle for a domain name with an alternative domain extensions. The most popular alternatives are .net, .org, .org.uk, me, me.uk, .co, .info, .biz and gb.com. What ever your decision Divine Web Design will play our part to register the domain name of your choice.

Before committing to any form of domain name purchase we highly recommend reading the Terms & Conditions laid out by Nominet who are the governing body of UK related domain names.


Price inc  VAT

 .co.uk 10  2 Years
 .com 20  1 Year
 .org.uk 10  2 Years
 .me.uk 10  2 Years
 .net 20  1 Year
 .org 20  1 Year
 .co 25  1 Year

Prices are subject to change. If your domain name is effect by a price increase or decrease then you will be notified via email

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