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At Divine Web Design we aim to help companies maximise their profits on what the internet has to offer. As the internet grows so should your companies involvement with web based business solutions. Over 70% of business's now rely on the internet to provide their communication solutions, sales, advertising and even recruitment. So what more does the internet have to offer? How about;

Online Payment Processing - enabling you to take credit card payments, even through your mobile phone
Customer Management Software - keeping your companies data organised and secure
Networking With Suppliers - resulting in finding better products / services at more competitive rates
Newsletters - to communicate with your client base with minimal effort
Social Media - which opens a whole new world for sales, advertising, recruitment and communication

Most companies believe that this level of involvement in the internet does not come cheap, at Divine Web Design we believe that the internet should make your company money, not cost you money.

We can manage your domain purchases and renewals

What ever your requirements we can develop your website like you have always imagined it

All varieties of hosting available including PHP, ASP, DAC and more

Our client base consists of a wide variety of companies from different business sectors. Usually when a client first comes onboard with us it becomes apparent to them how little they actually know about their internet solutions. Research shows that most companies do not even own the copyright to their own website, they are not the legal owner of their own domain names, do not have their own personal backup of their website and have zero control over the hosting of their website. If you were to loose all communication with your web development company then how would you renew and maintain your internet services? If any of this leaves you left feeling concerned then contact us for a free consultation.

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